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Who We Are

The Main Factor!

Years of experience and proven results.

As experienced editors, we are adept at reviewing and improving your written or online content, ensuring that it is accurate, clear, and engaging for your audience.

While employing excellent language skills, a great eye for detail, and a strong comprehension of the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation, we help you achieve your desired results.

At Faith Factor Editing, we focus on editing many different types of content such as essays, manuscripts, online blogs, and social media content. We can assist with general publications, or with any genre or subject area including fiction, business, or politics.

We are adaptable, expedient, able to work with different styles and formats, and communicate effectively with creators and authors.

Our Services

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Manuscript Editing

From $8.00 per page

Proofreading/editing per word rate also available.

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Essay Editing

From $10.00 per page

For students who want an edge and top marks. Per hour rate also available.

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Social Media/

Website Content

Expand your business with engaging content.

From $30.00. Per word/hour rates also available.

Why Choose Us

We know grammar and punctuation.

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We know the right words that will capture your audience and display your creativity in the best way.

We are adaptable and expedient.

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We work with different genres, styles and formats with quick turnaround.

We have excellent communication skills.

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Our recommendations are easy to understand and implement.

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Customized packages to ensure your publications, marketing copy, and social media campaigns come alive.

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